*I/we consent to the Creative Business Technology Group (the group includes our affiliates, associates, subsidiaries, and divisions, including our holding company) or its
cessionary making inquiries about *my/ our credit record with any credit reference agency and credit bureaus and any other party to confirm the details on this application. (*I/We/My/Our/You- any
Director/Shareholder/Member/Trustee/Authorised Representative/Partner/Spouse/Related Party) CBT or its cessionary may also provide credit reference agencies and credit bureaus with regular
updates regarding how I/we manage my/our account, including my/our failure to meet agreed terms and conditions. I/we consent that credit reference agencies and credit bureaus may, in turn, make the
records and details available to other credit grantors. CBT or its cessionary may also give this information to any person who in its opinion, needs it to carry out any of CBT or its cessionary's rights or
duties in terms of the contract or any law pertaining to the products I/we have requested. I/we hereby give CBT or its cessionary permission to carry out identity and fraud prevention checks on me/us
and to share the information provided in this application with the South African Fraud Prevention Service. I certify that the above details are true and correct. We would like to provide you, your
directors, and/or shareholders (“*you”) with information on products and services offered by the Creative Business Technology Group, and by your signature hereto, you hereby consent to the Creative
Business Technology Group to market to you our products and services, the sharing of personal information within the group for marketing purposes, and the group then marketing its products and
services to you. I/we consent to the Creative Business Technology Group, processing the required personnel information, as provided above, and acknowledge that I understand the purposes of which it
is required and for which it will be used. I/We, the undersigned, hereby declare that the information provided herein is both true and correct, in every aspect and represents a true reflection of my
personal, and in the event of a juristic person, its financial position.
Technology Group is required to process your / your company’s Personal Information in a lawful and reasonable manner. INFORMATION REQUIRED: Creative Business Technology Group requires
the following personal information: Registration documentation in respect of the company / close corporation/trust (in the event of a trust (or shareholding constituting of a trust), a copy of the trust
deed and a list of beneficiaries and clear certified copies of their identity documents); certified copies of identity documents of directors/members / trustees/partnerships / individual; credit applications;
latest audited financial statements; latest 3 (three) months’ bank statements; interim management statements; company letterhead; utility bill for all guarantors; trade references; 3 (three) months’
telephone account; resolution/power of attorney; confirmation of banking details (confirmation on bank letterhead); landlord waiver; insurance confirmation; settlement disclosures; ITC checks and
reports (to request and to disclose information to third parties). PURPOSE OF COLLECTION MANDATORY Processing of finance applications (internally and externally); drafting and finalizing
rental/installment sale/transaction/facility agreements; to evaluate risk assessments in accordance with relevant and applicable legislation and regulations; comply with all tax and financial obligations;
processing for invoice purposes; perform necessary background verification; communication; formalize client contractual arrangements which include uploading, storage, and maintaining information
on our database. INFORMATION TO INDEPENDENT FINANCE AGENT Creative Business Technology Group will subject all Credit Applications received, for verification by an independent third
party, which include all approved finance houses for Merchant West Group and/or internal verification methods, of which the costs will be for Merchant West Group and/or the approved finance
houses. The appointed third party will adhere to all necessary requirements in respect of POPI.